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Craig Dalen

Chief Strategy Officer

Craig believes the current shift in business management to give a full accounting of a company’s impact on all of its stakeholders and not solely to maximize profit is one of the most important trends of our time.  At ASSETS, Craig facilitates business leadership through intentional stakeholder consideration and is cultivating a community of businesses that measures and manages their social impact with the same rigor as profits.

Prior to ASSETS, Craig was a Senior Fellow at B Lab, the non-profit behind the certified B Corporation movement, where he led the intersection of B Corps and higher education. Craig also served as the founding Director of Sustainability at Messiah College where he led efforts to measure, improve, and educate around opportunities for institutional social and environmental impact.  He taught numerous collegiate courses, ran a family logistics business, managed federal grants, scaled mountains, and loves playing with his kids in Lancaster City.

Craig has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Northwestern College and a Master’s degree in Organizational Development from Temple University. Through formal education, travel, and conversations he learned to bring the mind of an executive, the curiosity of a student, and the heart of a community organizer to all of his work.