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Dalaiah Kusner

Small Business Training Manager

Dalaiah believes wholeheartedly in an inclusive economy, and has spent over 15 years working toward that end. A strategic thinker with a growth mindset, she brings 18 years of business experience and has led business functions from R&D to retail. She traveled the world to work with social enterprises and entrepreneurs in 11 countries–collaborating to align strategy and meet the rigor of business and social impact goals. As a buyer for 8 years she developed the discipline of delivering healthy margins for multiple stakeholders while developing creative, customer-focused product lines. She previously led a retail store through the 2008 recession, which became an opportunity to innovate, creatively engage the community, and develop a dynamic team.


Dalaiah is inspired by the courage and stamina of local entrepreneurs, and by the opportunity for business to transform community. As the first in her immediate family to earn a college degree, she understands the cost–and also the value–of investing in oneself. Known for spending her last dollar on an opportunity to learn, it is personally meaningful for her to see entrepreneurs invest in their dreams and apply the disciplines to bring them to life.

Dalaiah is currently working on a Master’s degree in Impact-Focused Business at GCNYC in New York. She speaks Spanish, has studied brand management, marketing, business administration, and holds a BFA from Monmouth University in New Jersey. She enjoys long summer bike rides, is a culinary creative, and is proud to call Lancaster home for the past 10 years.