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Gretchen Lusby

Director of Marketing

Gretchen hails from the Windy City of Chicago and brings over a decade of experience in nonprofit communications, marketing, and community engagement. Once Lancaster, PA became her home, Gretchen served as a volunteer on ASSETS’ Marketing and Events Committee. Gretchen has a deep passion for thriving communities and cultivating a culture where every person has a valued voice and a seat at the table. While showcasing the beauty and strength of the communities around her, Gretchen has focused on inviting others to join the storyline. Her background in transformative community development combined with her love for authentic relationships, belief in people, and affinity for good design, bold branding and hopeful storytelling allow her to communicate the mission of ASSETS through an authentic voice. Prior to ASSETS, Gretchen proudly served as the editor and director of FIG Magazine in West Chester.