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Nichole Mussa Sabil

Women's Business Center Manager

Born and raised in West Philadelphia, Nichole ventured to Lancaster in 2000 for a change of pace. She gave birth to her oldest daughter in 2001 and her oldest son in 2006.

Fast Forward to 2017, Nichole met her husband in Mozambique, Africa while attending missionary school. With her husband, Nelson, they have 4 children that they’ve blended into a beautiful mix. They brought their 9-year-old son to Lancaster from Mozambique during the summer of 2022, which was quite the adventure. Nichole and Nelson enjoy the quiet moments that Lititz creates but treasure the community they had in their hometowns.

Before joining ASSETS, Nichole was a Program Supervisor for Valley Youth House, where she coached and mentored staff that taught life skills to foster youth ages 14-23. Previous to this role as a General Education Instructor, she taught Business Management, Professional Development, Microsoft Office, Sociology, and many other courses at York Technical Institute and Lancaster CTC.

Nichole holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Comparative Literature and a Master of Arts in Business Management and Executive Leadership. She is passionate about seeing the marginalized flourish and grab hold of every opportunity. Her passion expands beyond the U.S. borders as she’s passionately pursuing the advancement of people—throughout the world.

Currently, Nichole and her husband own a small logistics business in Mozambique and are in the process of pioneering the first House of Prayer in Pemba, Mozambique. Moreover, they attend Life Center Ministries, where they are active in ministry. In her free time you will find Nichole doing anything from reading a book, shopping, hiking, or hopping in the car and riding into the sunset.