C-Joy Wellness Studio, LLC

Owner: Chelsy Joy Velasco

At CJoy Wellness you will find personal and individualized attention from our Wellness Advocates, assisting you through THE MOST difficult moments in your life.  Truly understanding WHY you are where you are in regards to your health & Wellness! Their Joyful Wellness Advocates will Engage, Educate, Equip, and Empower you with medically & scientifically researched resources & tools to get you exploring, discovering, and learning Simple Solutions to living a Joyful life! As alternative health providers, they strive to integrate 3 important, very connected, aspects of a wellness journey: Physical, Mental, & Spiritual.

Service ASSETS Client (former or current) Located in Lancaster City Woman-Owned

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238 E Frederick St, Lancaster, PA 17602
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Call: (717) 502-2569