Owner: Andrew and Carley Bilindabagabo

In the languages of the Bantu peoples, INGOMA means a kind of drum, or the songs played on it. In Rwanda, INGOMA also refers to the throne of the precolonial king – a symbol, like the drums, of the roots of African culture. Those deep roots: traditional storytelling, vibrant creativity, and longevity stretching back millenia, are the foundations of everything we do.

INGOMA exists to create experiences that broaden people’s perspectives. Through filmmaking, and storytelling, we highlight the worthy and uplift the marginalized, making the specific global and the global specific.

We provide production management for commercial productions, ensuring a seamless filmmaking experience for the best creative outcome. From budgeting and staffing to scheduling and licensing, we handle the practical details and allow the creative vision of the film to shine.

Whether we’re telling stories on film or for an audience, powerful narratives shape the people they touch. We help your organization tell stories with an impact. We’re passionate about the stories you might not have heard yet – stories of the marginalized or misunderstood, stories of the cultures that don’t get airtime.  

We develop feature narrative and documentary projects with an emphasis on African stories. Whether through logistics management or creative development, we are dedicated to bringing these stories to life.

EVENT PLANNING AND DAY-OF COORDINATINGWe provide full-service event planning, managing all the details that go into creating an impactful experience – live, virtual, or both. We specialize in creating events that stand out, that leaves an impression, that lives on in the memories of everyone that attends.

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