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Stepping up to the challenge

Like every other business, non-profit, school, and family in this community, we’re actively planning for the longterm impact of COVID-19. ASSETS is stepping up to this challenge and is committed to harnessing the full power of our existing resources, developing creative new solutions, and working to mitigate the negative impacts on Lancaster’s diverse small businesses and entrepreneurs.

ASSETS is continuing its mission to transform communities and ensure that every entrepreneur and small business has equal access to local resources during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

This page highlights immediate local, regional, and national resources as well as ASSETS’ COVID-specific programming and offerings and what we’ve been focused on since COVID began in mid-March.

See “Top Recommendations” and “Additional Resources” below for immediate tips, funding options, and resources you can access right now.

Top recommendations for small businesses

We know times are confusing. Here are the top two things we think you should be considering right now.

Order your FREE COVID-19 Supply Kit

If you are based in Lancaster County with less than 100 employees, your business qualifies to receive a COVID-19 Supply Kit, which will include a mix of personal protective equipment, as well as some cleaning and disinfecting materials. To learn more, download the COVID-19 Supply Kit Guide.

COVID-19 Supply Kit contents are pre-determined based on company size and industry type. Recovery Lancaster is not able to provide custom kits at this time. Supply Kits typically ship in 2–3 business days.

Orders will be accepted while supplies last but a shortage is not anticipated. Recovery Lancaster is prepared to provide kits for small businesses across Lancaster County.

Phase 2 for the PA $225 Million Grant Program for Small Businesses has been announced

An additional $96 million in state grants have been approved for 5,373 Pennsylvania small businesses.

If you applied during Phase 1, you would have received an email during the week of October 5 letting you know that your application has been recommended for funding.

You will be notified if your application will be funded once you complete the document verification process.

ASSETS’ Top Resources & Services

This section features all the resources, services, and partnerships that ASSETS has focused on since COVID began. Scroll to see our current programming, funding options, COVID Response statistics, and past efforts!

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    ASSETS’ COVID Programming

    ASSETS’ Entrepreneur Training offers programming focused on helping you and your business navigate all things COVID-19. Currently, we are offering the Winter Seminar Series that is geared for the aspiring entrepreneur and the Finance Boot Camp that is geared for start-up business owners.

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    Pennsylvania $225 Million Grant Program for Small Businesses Impacted by COVID-19

    On Oct. 5, Tom Wolf announced that an additional $96 million in state grants have been approved for 5,373 Pennsylvania small businesses that were impacted by COVID-19 for Phase 2 of the $225 million COVID-19 Relief PA Statewide Small Business Assistance Program.

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    Person-Of-Color-Owned Business Directory

    Now more than ever, we need to support local businesses. This business directory features diverse, inclusive, and impact-driven businesses like people-of-color-owned businesses, women-owned businesses, and Certified B Corps. You can search for a wide range of businesses by industry and owner demographic, allowing you to shop with greater intention.

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    New, Highly-flexible Loans

    In addition to the Lancaster City Small Business Emergency Fund, we’ve also distributed $105,590 in new, highly-flexible loans to 14 businesses, many of whom shared that they would not have survived without this essential cash infusion.

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    Personal communication

    We’ve spent 1,061+ hours and counting since mid-March with entrepreneurs providing COVID-specific technical assistance and mentorship

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    Recovery Lancaster

    We’re thrilled to support the Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Company of Lancaster County as they lead Recovery Lancaster and safely move our county through the many phases of COVID-19. ASSETS worked with these two organizations and Community First Fund to manage the three phases of the $25 Million Small Business Recovery and Sustainability Fund. Applications for Phase 3 are currently closed, but there are other funding opportunities for your business!

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    Loan Repayment Relief

    We provided all of our pre-COVID borrowers with three-months of loan repayment relief so that they didn’t have to worry about one more bill

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    Lancaster City Small Business Emergency Fund

    Phase 1 has ended. Stay tuned for Phase 2! We joined forces to create the Lancaster City Small Business Emergency Fund, a $1.5 million fund comprised of grants and loans for our Lancaster City businesses. The Fund is powered by ASSETS, Community First Fund, and the City of Lancaster.

I don’t know how I would’ve been able to navigate during this pandemic if it wasn’t for the team at ASSETS.

Laurie Newman, Owner, Cafe 301

Back in March—like many other restaurants—Cafe 301 had to close their doors and let go of their employees. With a drop in sales and no curbside pick-up already in place, tensions were high and the future was unknown.

As Laurie worked to create a curbside pick-up program, she simultaneously applied for ASSETS’ Emergency Loan and […]

Read Laurie’s full story.

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Important Resources for Small Businesses

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