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An Update on the 2022 Pitch

With support from our governing board, ASSETS has decided to cancel the 2022 Great Social Enterprise Pitch, slated for late September. We are deeply committed to this event and its positive impact on Lancaster’s small business community so we carefully weighed its postponement.  

We know this affects the small businesses who were hoping to compete, the dedicated event sponsors who so generously partner with us each year, and the broader community that loves to cheer on innovative, local businesses.

We have worked to minimize the impact, and have reached out to key stakeholders personally to discuss our decision.



ASSETS has experienced significant transition this year, both in key leadership positions and in our physical home. While we’re hopeful for the next phase of ASSETS, we’re also aware that transition, no matter why or where it happens, causes disruption and takes intentionality to stabilize. This is an opportunity for ASSETS to reflect and re-focus on our organizational priorities and core programming.


We want to ensure that the Pitch remains a valuable, positive experience that helps participating businesses successfully launch into their next phase. Because of the level of transition at ASSETS, we don’t want to compromise the integrity of the Pitch training or the Pitch live event this year. We also would like to do some intentional listening to our clients to improve both the experience and value of the process.


With the opening of the renovated Southern Market, ASSETS’ move to our new office space within this building, and the launch of the food hall, we are deeply focused on supporting the food vendors in real-time as they navigate the challenges of opening their businesses within a brand new venue.

We believe we can come back stronger next year to put on a better Pitch for all. ASSETS is still profoundly committed to the Pitch and we are looking forward to planning an incredible experience for 2023.

An Update On The 2022 Pitch Video

In this video, Mike Mason, ASSETS’ Chief Program Officer, breaks down the three reasons why the 2022 Pitch was canceled.