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ASSETS’ 25th Birthday Wish


Don’t you love a good progress story? Today, we’re thrilled to share an incredible update on Melanin Essentials, our 2016 Great Social Enterprise Pitch winner. They’ve made significant headway over the last few years, thanks to support from donors like you.

Two years ago, Saba Williams and Olayinka Credle launched their company, Melanin Essentials, through the Great Social Enterprise Pitch. Their business provides all-natural body and hair care products specifically designed for women of color. Central to The Pitch’s purpose is helping entrepreneurs weave social impact into the core mission of their business. Once Melanin Essentials scales, they plan to hire single mothers and provide essential childcare opportunities. You can imagine how much our community needs them.

Saba and Olayinka used ASSETS’ comprehensive services to build their business. During the Pitch process, Saba and Olayinka received five months of intensive business training and coaching. They were able to secure start-up loans from our Impact Investment Department. And, they were linked to other investors and mentors, creating a network of like-minded individuals.

This fall – two years later – Saba and Olayinka finally went into business for themselves full-time!

As entrepreneurs diligently and patiently build their businesses, all successful ones surround themselves with a supportive network. You have been part of this foundation for Saba, Olayinka, and others like them through your donations to ASSETS.  Thanks to you, their business – and dreams – are being fully realized.

This is ASSETS’ 25th year, and there is much to celebrate. Like the small businesses we help, we’ve grown exponentially. Today, we offer in-depth training and creative financing for entrepreneurs, and work with established businesses to improve their social and environmental impact. We’re a team of innovators, changing the ecosystem of business and building an economy where everyone can prosper.

Our birthday wish is for a changed Lancaster. We’re constantly working to transform our community through ethical business. And we need your continued support to do that.

This year, we’re asking you to consider making a monthly donation.

Being a monthly supporter not only allows you to make a consistent difference all year long, it also helps us develop a stable base of funding that we can rely on from month to month. By becoming a monthly donor, you’re ensuring that ASSETS will continue to grow and serve more entrepreneurs like Saba and Olayinka over the NEXT 25 years. Will you help us reach our initial goal of $5,000 in regular giving each month?

Donate Now

Thank you for helping people like Saba and Olayinka through your past donations. And thank you for making a monthly contribution to this important work today!


Tina Campbell & Jonathan Coleman
Co-Executive Directors

P.S. Learn about all the ways you can join with us in our year-long 25th Anniversary Celebration at assetspa.org/celebrate25