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Built By Us Podcast | Ep. 9 Running the Extra Mile w/ Megan Fessler-McCarthy, Tread House

Megan Fessler-McCarthy of Tread House joins us for a sprint through a variety of topics: family, entrepreneurship, sports, and self-care. Delving into the entrepreneurial journey, Megan describes running as the foundation for solitude and clarity in the midst of the entrepreneurial whirlwind. She describes the endurance needed to succeed as an entrepreneur and the importance of pivoting or changing direction as needed.

Megan is a remarkable individual = founder, owner, CEO, and coach at Tread House. Her story is a testament to the Lancaster roots, sports, and the passion that fuels her.  Megan and her team have created something special in Lancaster – consistently voted the #1 workout studio in the area. Their approach blends scientific research, top-notch equipment, and a fantastic community making each visit to Tread House an experience.

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Ep. 9 Running the Extra Mile w/ Megan Fessler-McCarthy, Tread House