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#ExtraGive Passport to the Local Economy

If we shift 10% of our spending from chain restaurant and stores to local ones, 1,600 new jobs could be created in our community. This is our mission, and we challenge you to join for The Extraordinary Give 2017!

To do this, we’ve created a Passport to the Local Economy, which is focused on spending your dollars locally, and the businesses listed have all participated in one or more of our programs here at ASSETS. Starting November 10th, we’re having this giveaway to encourage community members like yourself to #GiveExtra for an equitable economy.

How It Works:

1. Complete an activity (see pages 8 – 13 in passport)

2. Receive your sticker from the business owner or clerk and place next to the completed activity

3. Turn in your passport to ASSETS by November 30th to receive your prize!

So, next time you’re out and about, warm up to a fresh cup of coffee at BUZZ, Prince Street Cafe, or other businesses alike. Plan on doing some early Christmas shopping? Check out the awesome Fall finds at Sophie Stargazer Boutique or one of Nicole Vasquez’s boutiques – That Shuu Girl Boutique or Nicole Taylor Boutique.

Download your passport here to get started!

Download & At-Home Assembly Instructions:

  1. Download file and open
  2. Select “Print”
  3. Ensure that you select “Print on Both Sides”
  4. Print
  5. Cut passport pages down to size. Dimensions are 6.92 inches W x 4.92 inches H.
  6. Fold each page in half before assembling
  7. Assemble passport booklet according to provided pagination (the pages are in order, so if you experience complications, try again. HINT: even page numbers are on the left, odd numbers on the right.)
  8.  Once pages are in order, open the booklet to pages 8 & 9, turn booklet over so that the front and back covers are face-up, staple the center crease.
  9. All set!