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The Great Social Enterprise Pitch: A New Way to Graze

nomadSam Fisher is a long-time resident of Lancaster County. He resides now in Coatsville, PA with his wife and four children. He is passionate about helping people around the world to improve their quality of food and quality of life by developing a way to provide access to healthy, natural, and affordable food.

To fulfill this passion, Sam Fisher developed the Nomadic Animal Grazer—or NAG for short—a 100% solar powered tool that revolutionizes the way animals are raised. NAG is a mobile fencing structure which allows various types of animals to be raised on grass, with minimal fossil fuels, no fences, no buildings, no equipment.

Additional benefits include:

        • There is no footprint, which leaves more available land to graze.
        • We can produce 100% grass-fed dairy products with minimal input.
        • The animals have a secure protected environment from sun, wind, precipitation and predators.
        • Animals can be raised in city vacant land, park land, business parks, median strips or sides of highways.

Nomadic Animal Grazer was chosen as one of the 10 finalist for the Great Social Enterprise Pitch. To learn more or to vote for Sam’s social enterprise idea, check out his crowdfunding page: http://www.rockethub.com/projects/44964-nomadic-animal-grazer#description-tab Community Voting is open through the month of July. The top 3 Social Enterprise Ideas will move on the Live Pitch on August 8th. Go to http://www.lancfound.org/pitch to see all the social enterprise ideas and go to their specific RocketHub sites to vote for your favorite idea for the Lancaster community!