Quisqueyanos Latinos Sports House

Owner: Nicolas Collado

We are a non-profit association, founded in 1990 and registered by the state of Pennsylvania in 2008. We have a men’s softball travel team, a men’s softball league, and a virtual radio. The health, well-being and growth of our Latino community is most important to us, we share tradition, culture and we have common values, our family and sports are most important. We strive to make a positive impact and improve our Latino community every day by staying active and united. Throughout the years we have interacted with people all over the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Dominican Republic, participating in sporting events among the most common softball, dominos, and pool table tournaments. We provide a positive space where you can enjoy spending time with your family and friends during social events, special events and sports activities. Through our Quisqueyanos Latinos virtual radio we share our love for music, we communicate with our community, interview and promote local businesses.

Service BIPOC-Owned Located in Lancaster City

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138 Stevens Ave.
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17602
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Call: (717) 203-8570