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The opportunity
The Landscape of Business is Changing

Today, the world is faced with an array of social and environmental issues, and businesses from across the private sector are emerging as a force willing and able to address them.

Consumers, employees, and investors alike are calling for business to step up, and business leaders are responding by taking responsibility for the impact of their companies.

When a business takes responsibility for its impact and addresses some of the issues facing our world, something amazing happens:

The business not only benefits its stakeholders—its employees, communities, customers, suppliers, and the environment—but also creates value for the business itself. Companies do well by doing good.

Now more than ever, we have the opportunity to capitalize on this mutually-beneficial dynamic right here in Central Pennsylvania.

By working together to build a responsible business culture, we can forge a prosperity from which our friends and neighbors, rivers and landscapes, and companies will all greatly benefit.

Start building a responsible business culture today.

Take the free B Impact Assessment to measure the overall impact of your business.

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Companies Do Well By Doing Good

Research shows that companies do well by doing good.

Companies can charge higher price premiums (up to 20%) based on positive corporate responsibility performance.

80% of people can name a company that stands out in their mind as a strong corporate citizen.

81% of employees say a company’s commitment to social issues is important when they decide where to work.

The first step to doing good is to measure all the positive things your business already does.

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What’s Next?

So you’ve taken the B Impact Assessment. Now what?
Well… now the real work begins! But don’t worry, we can guide you every step of the way.

  • Improvement Recommendations

    We create a customized set of recommendations to enhance your business’s impact

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  • Strategy Sessions

    We provide personalized expertise to help you gain clarity and identify opportunities to ensure long-term success

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  • B Corp Certification Prep

    We equip your business with the resources and support to become a Certified B Corporation

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  • Strategic Project Management

    We help implement your business’ strategic initiatives

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Our Partners

It takes a community to transform a community.
We’re proud to hustle alongside the following organizations to create an economy where everyone can prosper.

  • B Lab

    ASSETS partners with B Lab — the nonprofit behind the movement of Certified B Corporations — to offer exclusive access to the B Impact Assessment.

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  • in good company logo

    In Good Company

    Business for good is good for business. In Good Company is ASSETS’ new initiative championed in partnership with The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Lancaster County Community Foundation.

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