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The Fire: A Poem on #BLM

 I started writing my thoughts which then turned into a poem; I decided to make my story about the BLM Movement. 

Zuleika Miranda, ASSETS’ Women’s Business Center Program Coordinator

When we started our #wearyourmask staff photo series, we set out to make everyone’s social media feeds a little less somber and a little more encouraging amidst the barrage of debilitating COVID information. Today, we recognize that acknowledging the world and actions around us is needed more than a “break from reality.”

Our resident artist, Zuleika, joined the Entrepreneur Training Department in 2019 and has taken programming to the next level. She brings passion, dedication, and commitment to every project, class, and person she works with along with her creativity and coolness. It’s impossible to summarize the multi-talented, exemplary person she is in a paragraph, so we’ll stop here. We’ll let you read some of her work below— what better way to get to know someone than through their art?

The Fire.

There’s a fire station by my house

Sometimes, the fire trucks drive through the quiet streets of my neighborhood

Firefighters wave at passersby, sirens off, and quiet as a mouse

Their bravery hidden through a smile, all for the greater good

When there is no emergency, peace lingers through the roads

We find comfort in the silence

For the silence means there’s nothing to be owed

After a while, the silence stops, bring in the sirens

There’s an emergency, and everyone knows

Move out of the way, it’s time to take action

Peace is no longer, and danger is exposed

Cars stop at the intersection, a subconscious reaction

Traffic rules become overruled by the need of rescue…

Let’s shift perceptions

Look at it from this view.

Society shifts as lives are at stake.

Society shifts as hearts begin to break. 

Society shifts as our community aches.

Recognize the void.


Recognize what’s being destroyed.

Recognize our black brothers and sisters,

And rest in peace, George Floyd.

Keep wearing your COVID-19 masks, continue to express your creativity, work to correct injustice, and together, let’s create a better future for all.

This story is part of ASSETS’ Covid-19 blog series.