“ASSETS has given us a clear path to assess, understand, and quantify our business practices and business philosophy.”

Peter Barber & Brian McCaskey, Co-owners, TwoDudes Painting Company

Impact Consulting

Measuring and Managing for the "Triple-Bottom-Line"

We believe in a new way of doing business that benefits a triple bottom line—people, planet, and profit. Companies can both serve the greater good and reap business benefits by providing high-quality jobs, strengthening the local community, and preserving the environment.

Our team inspires and equips companies to develop this kind of leadership by measuring, increasing, and communicating their positive impact. Together, we build better businesses.

Learn more about the network of local companies using business for good through our invitation to Measure What Matters .

"[ASSETS] gives me a marked path to reaching my sustainability and community impact goals. It gives me a way to create systems and quantify things so that I can see my level of success in all areas that are important to me. It's like the profit loss statement for people and planet.I understand how I need to get to financial goals and what levers to adjust to make my P &L work but I didn't have a good way to measure the other goals."

Crystal Weaver, Co-Owner, Commons Company, Prince Street Cafe & Passenger Coffee

Our Service Offerings

Measuring & Benchmarking

We provide a free service to measure and benchmark the social and environmental impact of businesses.

Improvement Planning

We create a customized plan with clear recommendations outlining the ways businesses can increase positive impact.

B Corp Certification Prep

Want to achieve the highest ethical business standard? We equip businesses with the resources & support needed to become a Certified B Corporation.

Strategy & Project Management

We help businesses set impact goals, implement strategic initiatives and plan for the long term.

Benefits of Measuring What Matters Most

Businesses pursuing both margin and mission are winning the loyalty of their customers and employees over traditional businesses. The program connects you with the people and the tools to measure and improve what matters most and build an even better business.

Increase your bottom line
Realize the financial benefits of responsible business.

Establish competitive differentiation
Set your business apart as a leader.

Build long-term value
Look beyond the short term to sustain growth.


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