"The opportunity to collaborate with other entrepreneurs that are looking to use their businesses for the common good was hugely inspiring."

Jennie Groff, The Stroopie Company

Measure What Matters

Measuring and Managing for the "Triple-Bottom-Line"

Measure What Matters is a program that empowers and equips all Lancaster County businesses to create higher quality jobs, build stronger communities, and preserve a healthier environment.

We’ve all heard it before, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” We believe one day all businesses will measure and manage their positive social and environmental impact with the same rigor as profit.

We have the opportunity to harness the power of business to address our community’s most pressing issues and create an equitable and ethical economy that works for everyone.

"Measure What Matters gives me a marked path to reaching my sustainability and community impact goals. It gives me a way to create systems and quantify things so that I can see my level of success in all areas that are important to me. It's like the profit loss statement for people and planet.I understand how I need to get to financial goals and what levers to adjust to make my P &L work but I didn't have a good way to measure the other goals."

Crystal Weaver, Co-Owner, Prince Street Cafe & Passenger Coffee

How Measure What Matters Works

Step 1 - Assess Your Impact

Use the free, confidential tool to walk through a series of questions to help you learn about business practices that are best for Lancaster's workers, communities, and environment.

Step 2 - Compare Your Impact

The tool will compare your answers to other businesses similar to you and help you gauge where your company already excels and where it can improve.

Step 3 - Improve Your Impact

Create a plan to improve your company’s practices.

Join live workshops and peer groups hosted ASSETS and our partners to help you create an improvement plan for your business and put it into action.

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Benefits of Measuring What Matters Most

Businesses pursuing both margin and mission are winning the loyalty of of their customers and employees over traditional businesses. The program connects you with the people and the tools to measure and improve what matters most and build an even better business.

Learn from Peers
Learn best practices from other businesses.

Attract and Engage Employees
Your employees want to work for higher purpose beyond profits.

Tell Your Story
Share with those that matter how you are using your business as a force for good.


For more information, email Craig Dalen or call 717-393-6089 x225.

Funded in part through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration.